Steampunk MP3 Player, Archos Vision Inside


Steampunk MP3 PlayerIn a visually pleasing feast that is most definitely going to delight retro-seeking fans, the Steampunk MP3 player is bursting into view just like the very first locomotive, Stephenson’s rocket. Within this designers dream is the features of the Pocket Music Library which capably plays tracks for any MP3 lovers of today’s world.

Deep in the casing of the metallic looking outerwear of the Steampunk sits the coal engine of the Archos Vision, which is a player capable of managing MP3s that also poses with an FM capable radio, flash drive, vocal recording capability and player to display videos.

We think it looks rather like the Tardis dashboard from the most recent Doctor Who Tardis and certainly would tickle the ears of the Doctor in any timeframe.

In a deliberate case of ‘dude, pimp my MP3 player’, Mr Will Rockwell has placed the MP3 player within its new outerwear although no changes were required to the actual hardware that has been encased.

Controlled by some of the front facing buttons that mask the innards of the Archos Vision, the rest looks like it’s for visual display. When required the case can be accessed to charge up the MP3 player or when connection is in order to an external device like a PC or Mac.

Fans seeking an old-fashioned feel for their up to date music collections can get their mitts on this gizmo and buy the Pocket Music Library from the Etsy shop at a cost of $350.

This doesn’t come overly cheaply considering you’ll just get a posh tin affair to go with it, USB connecting device and a pair of headphones that match the design.

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