Sony 360-degree Circle Speakers, Fill the Room with Music


Sony 360 Degree Circle SpeakersThose renowned Sony inventors are up to their magic stuff again and here they are taking yet another super-dooper, futuristic looking offering well in their stride! Do you feel like you’re being watched?

Well, you might do as this eyeball design that forms Sony’s new 360-degree Circle Speakers is definitely fluttering its eyelashes at you, in a flirtation to make you buy for a yet to be announced (in other words, they don’t know yet) pricing.

Recently launched at the IFA 2011, the RDP-V20iP and SRS-BTV25 are decidedly condensed little beauties even if they don’t have very attractive names that instantly roll off the tongue!

But listening is the name of the game here and Sony’s 360 degree ‘Circle Sound’ technologies that provide audio diffusion will be set in delivering a feast of multi direction-enabled sounds, all for gourmet pleasure of the human ear. Dimensions are only 5.7 inches all around and weighing in at just 600g they also come furnished with a handy charging USB socket with colour choices of white or black.

The BTV25 model is all ready to go in handling a stream of music which can be picked up from resident smartphone devices that use Bluetooth capability, iDevices or Walkmans. Not to be left on the sideline, the remote controlled V20iP also boasts the ability to plonk an iPod or iPhone into its socket for charging and direct playing so the world’s your apple.

Both units come packing a woofer system just over two inches in size and with over half an inch worth of tweeter capability (tweeter, not twitter) resulting in an admirable 13 watts of power via the mains.

The V20iP can be operated to around a five hour period when used with its included recharged battery pack but comes with a lowered four watt output to compensate for decreased energy input. Soon to be available then we hope, with a yet to be informed release date.

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