Maschine Mikro Electronic Groove Composer, from Native Instruments


Maschine Mikro Electronic Groove ComposerSo, whether you’re a budding Mozart or an aspiring Mike Oldfield who is setting to make a mark on the electronic music scene, the new Electronic Groove Composer is surely going to appeal to your ears.

Set within a middle price tagged range which won’t make the bank manager weep too much, this professionally orientated bit of kit has been manufactured for its capabilities within a live environment or within the recording studio.

The Maschine Mikro (no, not a spelling mistake) is the new sibling on the block next to the ‘Maschine’ from creator Native Instruments and packs a mighty, but micro’d punch with the same sampling, sequencing and effects capabilities as its big bruv.

Easily control and manage your work via the Mikro’s software features by use of the controlling features that the kit offers and with a plethora of samples readily available from the in-built library that is 6GB in size, Mozart would have been spoilt for choice.

The condensed unit has sixteen lighted pad areas for performance and can connect with either a later Mac operating system or via Windows 7 and gives the user access to sensitive adjustments needed, partnered with its ability to manage software systems via a remote USB link up.

Priced up within a range that would make Mike Oldfield wish he’d had this gadget when composing Tubular Bells, the four hundred dollar cost gives purchasers both the software and kit when unleashed on the market from October.

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