Handheld Fireworks Projector


Handheld Fireworks ProjectorSurely set to bring some whiz bang into your life, this handheld fireworks projector is a pretty clever piece of technology and whilst the availability of projectors that manage ‘fireworks’ have been around for a while now, this gadget has been slimmed down from previous incumbents of the role.

Built to be used as a kids toy (adults can play if they wish), it’ll only set you back about $40 too and just needs a triple set of AAA batteries to give firework power.

Weighing in at the red corner at just one pound the fireworks projector is already on a winning streak as it’s possible to pretty much move this anywhere you can think of. The 10 x 6 x 3.5 inch dimensions mean it truly is portable unlike older models that were only designed to sit inside and be in a fixed position.

At the risk of sounding like John Wayne in an old cowboy flick, its ‘real simple pa’ardner’ to lock and load this beauty and operation of the projector is used just like a pistol.

Firstly, move the loading bar into place to set up your almost-real explosive device, then realistic sound effects will amuse from entertaining ‘plonk and wheee’ noises that emit from the gizmo.

When loading is complete, choose from a variety of eight different fireworks on offer which are selected by moving the body of the projector in a circular movement.

LED enabled imagery is quite authentic and from a distance of just under six feet, the resulting display is quite magnificent!

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