Wireless Spy Camera with WiFi, the Smart-i


Smart-i Wireless Spy CameraNow this is so tiny, if you blink and look away you might just miss it. The Smart-i Wireless Spy Camera is definitely a must-have gadget for those who would like to engage in a bit of spying and whatever your motives are for using this miniscule bit of technology, there will be no problems in concealing it within the bookcase!

The ingenious inventors behind this product have stated the cam to be the tiniest Wi-Fi enabled camera currently available on a global basis and at just under £80, it won’t bust the bank either.

So far so good – no wires to trip over and the Smart-i also performs admirably giving a 640 x 480 video quality which will automatically send directly to iPad, iPhone, Android, Mac Computer or PC on command, enabling you to watch the live action as it occurs by use of the freely available Smart-i application.

Be careful what you watch out for, as you might not like what you see, but those with little time to watch as the filming unravels can watch the recorded video at leisure which is stored on the camera directly.

Good for a maximum use of up to two hours on each charging given, the Smart-i can see the world around itself up to a range of 100 metres in an externally located environment which is reasonably lighted.

Winter use might be limited because if the camera is exposed to temperatures under -10 degrees C it will fail and when too hot at over 50 degrees C will send the gadget doolally, which is most unlikely in a typical ‘British’ summer!

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