VW Camper Van Tent, Camp in Style


VW Camper Van TentNow available (VW Camper not included), for festival goers and drenched campsite lovers everywhere is the authentically designed VW Camper Van tent.

This tent is formally sanctioned by the V-Dub manufacturers themselves, so while you’re not in it, there’s no worry about returning to finding your tent has been clamped by vehicle enforcement.

Perfectly formed for VW enthusiasts and car lovers alike who are simply looking to break out from the boring old tent design, the campervan tent will definitely get your motors running!

Capable of holding up to four people, the VW tent looks exactly like a 1965 V-Dub and it looks so realistic someone might even try and drive the tent away, so steering wheel locks definitely recommended here we think.

Unlike many other tents on the market you can experience a lot of cramp as it’s simply impracticable to stand up, but in this design packed canvas it is possible to be on your feet upright within the fabric built construction that provides roof and side dimensions of three and one metre sizing.

Poles at the ready, as privacy is thoroughly enabled here because the two partitioned rooms that give double space available are isolated by zipped areas, making sure the utmost discretion is always available while you sleep or pass the time in your tented vehicle.

Fashion fans will be delighted – no boring old green canvas that’s for sure as the VW Camper Van door-opening tent with internal waterproof groundsheet, comes bursting into the limelight of red, yellow and blue colourings, sure to delight and tease occupants or onlookers!

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