True Blood Headphones from V-MODA, Oozing Style


True Blood HeadphonesPositively oozing a vampire feel are the moodily designed V-MODA True Blood Headphones that come thoroughly dressed to please the average vampire in dark black and rich red colourings.

V-MODA are decidedly clever individuals when it comes to headphone designing and have a plethora of wealth and knowledge in the field of sound and this special release of the True Blood Headphones will make them available for just a temporary period.

Boasting a needed vitamin for most functioning humans (if you’re not a vampire that is), the headphones come made with a metallic framework which has been constructed of Zinc. Development was progressed with HBO who produced the hit TV Series, ‘True Blood’, based on The Southern Vampire Mysteries.

Suitable for audio pleasing of all ages, the headphones will only be released in a one-off set of 400, so if you want to get your ears fitted with these, you need to be fast (or a famous actor in the series).

The True Blood kit will work within an audio port fitting of 3.5mm within just about any device you can think of. It comes with a useful, single buttoned microphone and mysteriously sounding ‘Revamped Bliss 3.0’ features, all for a price tag of $150.

This bloody pair of headphones will be able to play away without external noises interfering as the silicone manufactured pieces of the ear buds will come into their own and also offer luxurious wear, not falling off while you run away from any chasing werewolf in the vicinity.

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