Olympus E-PL3, Micro Camera with Interchangeable Lenses


Olympus E-PL3 Digital CameraThe well known and highly respected chaps over at Olympus have recently launched their new and decidedly slinky E-PL3 digital camera which packs a whole lot of punch in a tiny little box. This is sure to give amateur and professional photographers alike the ability to be more than snap-happy with ease of use all thrown in too.

Posing with a 12.3 MPX Live image sensor of MOS origins, photographs that offer 3D management and a three inch screen that tilts to avoid unsightly bending of the neck (and cramps), the E-PL3 costs around $700 and gives the opportunity to capture videos too.

Those who have larger hands though could suffer a bit, because even though the camera is definitely nimble looking, it could be just that little bit too petite for those who prefer something a little more robust and with larger dimensions.

Micro madness all the way then as the E-PL3 is a svelte piece of tech, tough on the interior but not heavy to lug about, which comes with a canny and blazingly fast auto-focusing ability that removes many of the woes from doing this manually.

Budding artists can get thoroughly decorative too as the included filters for art purposes are pretty useful, but you could be in the dark as the internal flash has been ditched by Olympus to make the camera as compacted as possible. Let there be light however as an add-on can be purchased to give an external flash capability, but when used in an outdoor environment the Olympus is cracking.

Olympus has kitted out the E-PL3 with an easy to use dial control and although the camera lacks a touchscreen it does feature a recording button solely in place for video recording with some menu and display controllers.

Those who’d like to be photo pretty can buy the kit in available colours of red, white or black and certainly won’t be weighed down by the hardware whilst on the go!

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