Polaroid SX-70, 1970’s Instant Cameras Making a Comeback


Polaroid SX-70 CameraThink Polaroid and its very likely you’ll think 1970 or at the very least you’ll consider old technology, let’s move on.

However, think again as the insightful people over at Photojojo who are never camera-shy in making new offerings available, have introduced an overhauled batch of perfectly functioning Polaroid’s for their customers, all boasting essential film wrapped up in their retro featured package.

The included film packs all have their own individual batteries included, so the actual camera won’t need its own battery supply.

The ground-breaking 1972 launched Polaroid was absolutely unique with its easy to use and simple to store away folding design and it gave users the amazing capability to avoid the photo developers and print out their own snapshots, all instantly.

Although expensively priced, the film gave many millions of avid photograph lovers the ability to see what they’ve taken quickly. Photojojo are hoping to cash in on the Polaroid’s immense success around forty years later by providing a special edition range of Polaroid SX-70’s that will be strictly limited but given full restoration.

Photojojo are guaranteeing this $350 priced retro technology will all be in 100% working condition giving users an amazing glimpse into the past, that has paved the way for modern photography gadgets that are now available.

Lens capability on the Polaroid will have a 116mm, f8 – f22 lens of aperture nature, a manually operated focusing capability and a speed from integrated shutter that can move from 1/175th to over ten seconds.

Available to buy from October, get your fingers ready to capture the world by storm!

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