Acer Ferrari Smartphone, the Acer Liquid Mini Ferrari Edition


Acer Ferrari SmartphonePositively glowing in Italian sounding sleekness, the Acer Ferrari is surely set to ignite the engines of many new potential customers who will be keen to own this piece of Ferrari based engineering.

The team over at Acer has partnered with Ferrari to deliver a special edition and unique smartphone which although doesn’t boast any four wheel drive capabilities, does have a 3.2 inch sized screen installed, coupled with the petrol laden 2.3 Android capability. No price tag has yet been announced and we can only hope that this Acer offering isn’t as expensive as the Ferrari super car we’re sure the Acer MD owns!

A flashy piece of kit for sure, the Acer Ferrari displays the renowned logo of the famous car maker which joins their already previous collections made via successful collaboration with Ferrari such as LCD monitors, laptops and the 2010 release of the Liquid E Ferrari Edition smartphone.

Heralding its arrival and dressed to impress, the fiery red colours of the new smartphone are going to be sure to delight those who wish to stand out from the crowd. Splashed in chrome edgings with a curvature to die for, it’s neatly embossed with the Ferrari horse design and even has the fruity delights of Ferrari engine sounds pre-installed within ringtones and media, alongside a smattering of pics, videos and wallpaper choices.

For those who care about the phone, rather than dream of owning a Ferrari, the smartphone will have a Gingerbread Android (2.3) system in place. It also gives touch screen use, a handy 5MP camera on board, 8GB of internal storage, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and a stout 512MB ram offering, all encased in just over 100 grams of gadget ware.

To give perfectly legal hands-free use whilst driving, the phone also comes with a handy Ferrari designed headset to enable bluetooth connectivity, phew that’s a relief, one-handed driving is not to be recommended!

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