Motorola Droid Bionic, A Powerful Dual Core Smartphone is Born


Motorola Droid BionicConsider ‘bionic’ and fans of the old TV series the ‘Six Million Dollar Man’ will instantly think of Steve Austin as he effortlessly leaps over a 40 foot fence, flips a car upside with a flick of the wrist and positively stomps on the bad guys.

Not wanting to leave themselves unattached from possible bionic fame, Motorola have too coined the term within their Motorola Droid Bionic android phone.

The Droid Bionic, as well as having a nifty name, currently reflects the most potent phone of Android built technology available to purchase within the Android arena.

Priced at around three hundred dollars, the touch screen enabled phone is also on Verizon Wireless and gives quick, smart app and internet capabilities all bundled together with specialised aspects only provided on the Droid Bionic.

Running Dual Core 1 GHz Processors and boasting a colour LCD screen display of nearly four and a half inches the Motorola has installed 8 MPX camera and high speed data capabilities. All wrapped up in a sturdy and attractive phone design that can just be squeezed into the back pocket of non-skinny jeans!

The phone comes handily installed with a number of software features that can’t be accidentally removed and gives users the option to use Blockbuster, Kindle, Videosurf, GoToMeeting and Zumocast streaming to name but a few of the integrated programs.

To give adequate storage needs, the paper specs of the Motorola state a storing capacity of 16GB, although in actual use the phone arrogantly displays an 8GB capability.

Fear not though as a 16GB MicroSD card can easily be slotted into the rear of the Droid. To enjoy on the move, or safely tucked up at home, this piece of kit can also give enjoyable video playbacks of a maximum of 1080p and will easily play music collections to sing the day or night away.

Here we have a video showing off som of the Motorola Droid Bionic’s features.

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