Back to the Future Sneakers, Nike MAG, on Aution for the Parkinson’s Research Charity


NIKE MAG SneakersThe famous NIKE brand is most definitely not flying back in time encased within a frozen Delorean. The recent gossip that’s been surrounding a possible release of a new Nike trainer has turned out to be the genuine article.

Nike are running an eBay Auction of their MAG sneaker wear of high topped design in a bid to raise cash to help the Foundation for Parkinson’s Research which is headed by Parkinson’s sufferer and star of Back to the Future II, Michael J. Fox.

Eagle eyed fans will recall Mr Fox leaping from the flux-capacitor installed vehicle on the second Back to the Future movie and easily slipping the fashionable Nike trainers on his feet ready to secure, only to be knocked for six as the trainer automatically sized itself to his feet!

Now, we’re not sure if the future has hit us now and Nike’s auctioned lots will also snazzily self-adjust, but if you’d like to get your feet into some of these, they look exactly the same as the sneakers in the film.

Coloured and designed in a comparable look as the trainers from the second movie in the Back to the Future franchise, the Nike pairs offer a look that actually glows via the use of an integrated LED section, which sits neatly next to the famous Nike logo, catching the eye with a luminous dazzle.

When the trainer tops are squeezed, the installed lights of the LEDs will begin glowing and last for up to five hours of very posy, but delightfully futuristic wear in one charging.

Tinie Tempah has reportedly paid out around $38,000 (£24,000) for the very first pair of these super cool sneakers at a charity auction in Los Angeles.

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