The Play, Video Memo Pad from Native Union


The Play Video MemosDragging the age-old sticky note into 2011 by it upturned sticky corners is just part of the endless progression of future technology as it marches ever forward, like an unstoppable gaming army.

Now on the scene and cleverly provided by Native Union is a fun and new kind of gadget to enable the art of leaving a note for loved ones, colleagues or family a pretty nifty business, which should hopefully inject new enjoyment into this often dreary activity!

The Play video memo pad has recently been launched at the IFA 2011 and comes built with functionality in mind, presenting itself wrapped in a quirky, but dare we say ‘cute’ quotation mark design.

The little chap boasts a screen dimension of about two and a half inches which comes bursting with colour and Native Union are on a mission to give back the disappearing  joys of note scribbles left stuck on the fridge, or the dogs bowl.

Users of this gizmo can leave a video captured memo, up to a maximum of three minutes in length and it can then be magnetically attached to any metallic surfaces. So leaving shopping orders, comments and info is easy-peasy and above all, fast!

Alerting recipients to a new message, the memo pad blinks like mad with its integrated LED system and this smart gadget, for the most modern of memo makers, will be on sale in different colours of blue, green, pink, white, red, purple and black at approximately fifty quid. Now, please don’t forget to buy those teabags!

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