Gaming Chair from Ace Bayou, the X-Dream Rocker


Ace Bayou X Dream RockerNew and everso comfy, the latest must-have gaming chair has now been released by the chaps over at Ace Bayou. With the comfort of many backsides hanging in the balance, they have spent time and detail in making this dazzling chair meet plenty of needs.

Those gamers who tirelessly spend hour upon hour slaving over a console of computer pad playing, the latest game release will facilitate the need to let the bottom breathe in their chosen furniture.

Ace Bayou is well positioned to set the gaming world alight with their new super-dooper sounding ‘X Dream Rocker Wireless Gaming Chair’ and has a name that sent us into high salivation.

The chair cleverly integrates deep bass sounding technology, sound that quite literally engulfs you with a surround capability, all wrapped up in a wireless bit of kit that also shows off with an included amplifier within its structure. Sounds promising on paper that’s for sure.

The X-Dream Rocker is priced at £250, which isn’t too bad on the wallet, considering how much gamers can spend on the latest console and newest games on the market. For the comfortable hours this will offer, the price is surely pretty thrifty to avoid numb extremities.

Connecting the furniture to a console is pretty simple and a device like a PS3 playing an interactive shoot ’em up number will enable the chair to vibrate and amplify the game sounds on offer.

Other PCs that are attached will be breathed new life via the bass system and amazing sound quality integrated in the chair, so relaxing to listen with music or watch laptop based movies will give a super experience.

To export music collections, an iPod can easily be partnered up with the tech on offer and gives considerable advantages over default sound production from Apple’s gadget.

Don’t buy a single chair though as your gaming partner might get a little jealous and attempt to knock you out of the game and initiate a take-over of your furniture!

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