Sagemcom Sixty Cordless Telephone


Sagemcom Sixty Cordless PhoneYou’ve most definitely been tango’d when you glance at this orangey little beauty. No, your eyes don’t deceive you that really is a telephone dialling circle you can see there, which if you’re not too close to the nappy wearing stage you might remember from years gone past.

Retro loving inventors over at Sagemcom have decided to resurrect one of the most well known phone designs of the past and re-introduce the funky look within their new flashy Sixty Cordless Telephone.

Whilst the Sagemcom might look old, its innards most certainly are not – packed with the very latest techware inside, this really does enable you to shout out to the world that you embrace modern stuff, but don’t forget traditions either!

Peering around the telephone’s (you simply can’t call this a ‘phone’) base unit, observers can spot an authentic looking keypad area that embraces a LCD built display section that houses touch screen ability.

A bit of flashy chrome finishes the magic touch and if you’re not gassing with the mother-in-law, it also has a handy clock feature.

The internal display will enable users to scroll through saved contact details, use messaging features and play about with the available personalisation options in the settings menu.

This even has a useful function to tell you who’s calling, so there’s no excuse to answer those avoided calls! We just wonder what future generations will think of this mixture of the past and future in around 50 years time!

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