PS3 and Xbox 360 Together in a Custom Box


PS3 Xbox 360 in the Same BoxFor those who simply can’t get enough gaming, this could be the custom solution you’re looking for. Clever Reddit fan, ‘Timofiend’ has merged a double offering of consoles in one lovely big box, giving him a cunning hybrid solution where the twin gaming units can run together.

Many game geeks are proud to have more than one game box love in their lives and the battle between Sega and Nintendo has long since been awarded a draw as game consoles are interchanged for one another as particular needs dictate at the time.

But, imagine trying to play two consoles together, each one handed, setting up, packing away after each game fix has completed, cumbersome isn’t it?

This innovative design by the inventor has given a cost effective solution in allowing an Xbox 360 and Playstation 3 to be packed in like sardines side by side, like husband and wife. This allows for swapping between the pair as game addiction dictates.

Question is, who’s the daddy in this partnership? Does Xbox or PS3 reign supreme or will they simply both have to settle for equal rights?

It’s going to get hot in that unit though that’s for sure and it’s pretty likely Timofiend is going to need some liquid based cooling methods in place pretty soon before his box implodes and him along with it!

Now, all that’s needed is for some clever chap to invent a hacked-up box for a trio of Wii, 360 and PS3! Where will it all end?!!

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