Kodak Hero Printers with Google Cloud Print Service


Kodak Hero Cloud printersSo, if you’re holding out for a hero, it seems your prayers have been granted, as rolling triumphantly onto the scene is the latest Hero tribe of printers from the renowned Kodak group. Kodak is racking these up in their plans for them to act as the new leader within the top printer ranges and they really do come packed with a ton of additional bells and whistles.

Google, as usual, gets a look in within the new Kodak and their ‘Cloud Print’ service is installed in the printer hardware and this allows the user to access GoogleDocs or GMail to connect with a printer wherever it is globally and your stuff will print out – spooky eh?

Cleverly though Kodak is making a firmware updating service available for those who currently own older Wi-Fi based C-Series printers which will then retro-fit them with the ability to use the same cloud options, so definitely no need for oldies to miss out here.

Kodak are confident that the cheap printing costs and colour enabled cartridges on offer will give them the edge over other printer brands on the market, so they look set to continue to dominate within this sector for the foreseeable future.

Coming in at a huge 4.3 inch size coloured screen with touch screen technology is the leader of the new range, the Hero 9.1. It has lots of flashy bits and pieces, including Wi-Fi, auto feeder for documents, printing of duplex capability and ‘Smart Sensor’ features.

E-mailing a photograph to this kit will command the printer to print the snap straight to photographic paper, neat! The 9.1 will set you back just under two hundred quid, and the Office Hero 6.1 is around £170, whereas the Hero 5.1 will be even cheaper. Obviously the thriftier you go, the less whiz-bangs you get for your money.

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