4k Projector, Sony VPL-VW1000ES


Sony VPL-VW100ESThe boys over at Sony have been playing again, this time they’ve neatly projected even more must-have gadgets into the living room of millions.

The snappily named ‘Sony VPL-VW100ES’ (who on earth dreams up these names and why?!) is Sony’s first ever 4K enabled projector. It has a million to one contrast ratio which quite frankly is going to put any HD telly to shame.

But, before you chuck out your HD televisions in disgust though, there’s no news what the new 4K will set you back, but we reckon it won’t be an overly cheap price tag.

Sony is promoting the latest projector to be the newest in a run of their home projecting solutions and this model comes hot on the heels of the VPL-VW90ES which was unleashed during 2010 and numerous other upgraded models that have since hit the scenes.

Promising a resolution experience that will make you feel like you’re in a Star Trek holodeck, you’ll probably get lost in the picture, literally. As well as providing the projection of a lifetime, the 4K projector can upgrade any footage of 1080p quality and it can also niftily show 3D high definition in a full mode, whilst also being able to upgrade 3D films to 4K.

Housing a 0.74 inch SXRD 4K panel, the kit has been designed to reduce any reflective light issues and pixel sizing has been made even smaller. Certainly presenting a lot of power then, this has to be Sony’s best projector offering to date, well that’s until they bring out the next one in 6 months!

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