Plasma Watch Concept


Plasma Ball Watch ConceptWatches used to be for telling the time, didn’t they? Well at least it seemed they did anyway, but most highly technical kids these days may not even begin to know how to wind-up an old fashioned watch that’s for sure.

But, what would your distant relatives have made of the Plasma Ball Watch idea that currently is whipping up a lot of spark?

Memories definitely come flooding to the fore here for those ex-students who spent time in the Science lab at school, eagerly trying to stick their hair on end using the charged and electrified plasma ‘lightning’ ball in Mr Jones’ Physics lessons.

Sticking fingers on and rubbing hands over the glassy electric balls and watching with awe as we pretend to be a Harry Potter wizard learning the trade of commanding thunderbolts with our will of command!

A bright spark of a chap, just mysteriously called ‘Patrick’ was obviously paying attention at school and he has dreamt up the idea of introducing the plasma ball experience into a transportable and normally worn wristwatch.

Touching this beauty will result in delightful, colour filled spark displays as a pair of miniscule electrodes will move unhurriedly in a circular motion within the watch.

When lightly tapped fingers brush the watch glass, sparks definitely do fly between electrodes and human, using Argon based gas to tell the time which can still be read when the plasma is powered off, thus saving watch power.

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