Lucasfilm’s Sandcrawler Office in Singapore


Lucasfilms Sandcrawler OfficeMay the force be with you, well in this case may the office be around you as a swanky new office design is well in hand for the famously known Lucasfilm Animation Company who is set to make a Star Wars prop a reality over in Singapore.

The infamous mode of transport, the Sandcrawler from the Star Wars films was pretty rusty looking but in this real-life creation Lucasfilm’s will enjoy a very innovative iron and glass constructed, glossy office block.

The question we ask ourselves though has George Lucas been swinging one too many a light sabre in his current office or is this a real blaze of imagination that will spark the creativity of the Lucasfilm workforce? Mhmmmm, let’s Chewbacca on that one a bit more.

We’re pretty sure however that their employees are not going to suffer with ‘sick building syndrome’ as the mirrored building is designed to deceptively resemble the Sandcrawler tank from one angle and a shiny curvature from the opposite face.

It’s not all high-tech feel and slick looks though as the office block will also have plenty of green and eye catching gardens and shrubbery, sure to bring employees down to earth who have the pleasure of working at this new Singapore base.

What the new Sandcrawler will eventually look like is anyone’s guess and whether it turns out to be as bad as Darth Vadar or as wholesome as Han Solo, then that’s anyone’s guess.

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