HiCan Bed, Futuristic Home Cinema for the Bedroom


HiCan BedSure to make you feel pretty dozy, but before you even think of sleeping on the job, beware the bed-in-a-box design that is being launched as the HiCan bed will set you back more than just the cost of a memory foam mattress.

Bed springs will be pinging severely at the $60,000 cost that’s attached to the ‘High-Fidelity Canopy’ bed experience which comes with a veritable host of entertainment and must-have accessories for the modern day experience. This isn’t a purchase for insomniacs we’d recommend.

It seems the days of just going to bed to sleep are simply now way past us, because wishing to use a bed like this for slumber would be a serious crime.

It’s no wonder either as the HiCan is pre-installed with moveable projecting video technology giving the ultimate bed-cinema experience, which can be shielded via sets of automatically controlled blinds to protect modesty whilst you change into your jim-jams.

You don’t even need to carelessly prop up the laptop in bed now, as the HiCan have made a feature packed PC available within the construction for geeks who can’t bear to be parted from the web, even while they sleep.

Wile the night away with an integrated console for games use too and you’re almost set up for the night ahead – don’t forget the double set of lights though to enable you to read the latest game manual.

Fashionable sleepy heads are sure to be delighted too as the bed comes in over a dozen colours on the market and can be ordered online with HiCan. But don’t lose any sleep just yet waiting to rest weary heads on the HiCan pillow, there’s a long waiting period to get one! Oh, Zzzzzzz.

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