Sony Tablets S and P, Joining the Revolution


Sony S P TabletsSony is offering a dual pitch in an attempt to knock the Apple firmly from its current dominating tree and for those who wish to spit the Apple pips out, then Sony might just have the answer for you.

The Sony Tablet P is being featured to provide an innovative electronic book reading device which comes in a handy clam design that enables web surfing, giving two 6 inch displays.

The twinned Sony Tablet S has bigger guns in its racks and touts a 9.4 inch screened area and infrared functions to double up as a TV or Hi-Fi remote, but both have a common use of the deliciously sounding honeycomb platform from Google Android 3.

Allowing fans to access music and sounds from the Sony services, alongside good e-book reads and video goggling gives them an edge on other tablet technology currently on the market.

This most certainly is going to bruise Apple’s current hold over their ability to manage all these elements together in current devices. Sony is certainly flashing abilities to make their own media and flog it via the P and S tablet series.

The elegant designs of both the tablets will cause some ‘ooohs’ and ‘aaahs’ and will serve to give an injection into street credibility of Sony gadget-ware in their quest to become number two on the market in tablet manufacture, behind rivals Apple.

Not priced too well under the Apple bits and bobs though, Sony have placed a value tag of $499.99 (£399) for the Tablet S 16GB and $599.99 (£499) for the 32GB.

The S will launch into European areas in Mid-September and a November release for the  $599.99 (£499) Tablet P which may also leave them struggling for supremacy against Amazon’s Kindle tablet which is on the cards.

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