Philips GoGear Connect 3, iPod Touch Flavoured


Philips Gogear Connect 3 WiFiPhilips, who are keen to muscle in on the action taken by the iPod touch are pushing themselves into this competitive arena with the GoGear Connect 3 that comes packed with Wi-Fi capability in a thriftily priced package of just £130.

Running with the dynamic Gingerbread 2.3 software capability that comes from the giant Google, this Philips media player is running a system that’s often just seen on the smartphone, which could cause confusion as you attempt to place it on your ear to make a call and nothing happens!

In essence though the GoGear is a phone-stripped smartphone which can be heavily personalised with lots of lovely widget bits. It can also be added with all the apps that any serious user requires.

The touchscreen of the Connect 3 is vivid and gamers can enjoy a great experience in attempting to tame the Angry Birds or just use it to chit-chat via Facebook or Twitter. The use of internal Wi-Fi is pretty convenient, which prevents the need to tether to any external computer.

The GoGear fashionably sports some stylish copper looking buttons on the edge of the gadget which are sure to give easy access when fiddling around for your device with a desire to rack up the volume!

Avid video watchers can also use the Philips piece to easily access and view the many millions of YouTube videos on offer in a resolution sure to please of 720p. It can even connect to an external high definition telly to give that cinematic experience which enables the GoGear with a handy little movie storage capability.

Music lovers will find the Philips Songbird software a practical way to transfer a selection of tunes from computer to gadget but will miss out if they need to take the odd pic or video as the GoGear lacks these capabilities.

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