Lenovo IdeaPad A1, Budget Android Tablet


Lenovo IdeaPad A1Galloping from the wings of the Lenovo camp the IdeaPad A1 comes storming into view with a blade of shining armour which represents one amazingly cheap price tag.

This is not medieval technology that’s for sure, but the cost of $199 (£125) attached to the IdeaPad is most definitely prehistoric!

Sticking with the normal squared look, Lenovo have graced their pad with a seven inch screen size that capably holds 1024 x 600p worth of display quality, run via Gingerbread version 2.3 on Android which is capably handled by a 1GHz processing heart.

The base model, normally the kind of stuff you get without any bells and whistles, in this case is a tablet with storing capabilities of 8GB and will only set you back just over a hundred quid!

Lenovo are either being extremely savvy or have a typo on their pricing but it seems they definitely have their house in order as the IdeaPad A1 is 50% cheaper than pretty much anything else that you can purchase within the existing tablet world.

One in the eye then for iPad (pick up the first model for around £300 now), Samsung and their Galaxy Tab (£250- £300) and you can even get it complete with ‘Navdroyd’ which offers a sat-nav style GPS service.

Built to last say Lenovo and it comes plated like any good Knight should with magnesium built casing which should be pretty tough even in the shakiest hands. It’s not set to pop up in the UK just yet, so hopefully Lenovo will introduce the IdeaPad A1 to the British population at some point soon.

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