11 Foot iPod Dock, AeroDream One, by Jean Michel Jarre


11 foot iPod dockDon’t all strain your necks at once as you crane up to try and reach this, because if you’re not the world’s tallest man, you are not going to be successful in reaching the pinnacle of this elevated iPod dock.

The heady heights of the ‘AeroDream One’ come with eleven feet of booming magnificence which will set you back over a third of a million quid.

The renowned Jean Michel Jarre, French born composer and musician who is more than a bit partial to the old electronic music has invented this £350,000 monster in a bid to remind music lovers everywhere that music should be the focus of a room. Not just casually chucked in willy nilly via headphones and portable speaker sets, heavens forbid.

Definitely a piece your neighbours would find cause to complain about as the booming resonance of the 10,000 watt speaker reverberates through your party walls whilst you boogie the night away; this is probably a piece of ‘modern art’ in its own right though.

Connect the space age sounding AeroDreamOne with your iPod, iPhone or iPad and ‘i’, you’re away. So long as you can safely place this tower on a proper floor within a big space to hold its sizeable sixty two stone weight – that’s chunkier than Big Daddy.

Released to an audience at Berlin’s IFA trade exhibitions recently, the modern silver and glass sleek that the speakers represent is visually very innovative and we just wonder if it’ll come in different colours with that kind of price tag!

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