World’s Largest Solar-Powered Boat


Worlds Largest Solar Powered BoatIf you are thinking that this is just going to be a solar powered remote control toy, then think again! The TÛRANOR PlanetSolar is a total beast of the waves and is the first ever vessel to attempt a voyage around the world using the sun as its only energy source. The PlanetSolar set off from Monaco on the 27th September 2010 and has already covered the Atlantic successfully.

All being well, the entire journey should take in Cancun, San Francisco, Sydney, Singapore as well as Abu Dhabi and be complete within the year. The team behind PlanetSolar aims to demonstrate that solar power is a truly viable method of providing energy and that the technology is ready to take on a huge project like this.

The boat consists of three hulls which support 537 square metres (5,780 sq ft) of solar panels. These panels trap energy from the sun and store it in 6 sets of 12 lithium ion batteries. They power four electric motors which enable the boat to achieve up to 14 knots. The boat has been constructed using a carbon fibre and foam layered material which keeps it extremely light.

At present there are just 6 crew members on board who are set to stay throughout the record-breaking circumnavigation attempt. After this has been completed, it is hoped that the boat will be put to use as a luxury yacht, capable of hosting up to 40 passengers. Solar power just got seriously cool.

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