Ultrabook S3, Acer’s Wafer Thin Laptop Joins the Aspire Series


Acer Aspire Ultrabook S3Looming on the horizon, the svelte designs on offer via the Acer Aspire Ultrabook will have many techno geeks positively drooling in anticipation.

Acer are renowned for their reasonably priced and fantastic spec gadgets within a fierce marketplace and this new Ultrabook is set to stir up a hornets nest within the Mac camp. It goes head-to-head with the MacBook Air which looks decidedly podgy when compared to the Acer S3.

Acer has packed this with some welly and is their launch into the ‘Ultrabook’ market which cleverly uses the tiny atom built chipsets provided by Intel to make its miniscule size a reality. It proudly displays a 13.3 inch visually pleasing screen, which is pretty impressive given it’s only cased within just 13mm of design and weighs in nicely at around a kg and a half.

Even though Acer has been on a seriously impressive toning-down regime with the S3 doesn’t mean it can’t compete with the best of them either. It comes ready with a fighting fit lower voltage selection of either a Core i3, i5 or i7 CPU in place that adeptly controls a hard drive of standard specs, which can swiftly connect to any available Wi-Fi hot spot in your vicinity.

As the S3 is of the super-hero style Ultrabook design it packs an everlasting wallop into battery life that can last as long as fifty days when the sleeping function is enabled.

Acer are poised to launch the Ultrabook S3 to the eager audience of Europe during the end of this year and it will be priced at around £700, which gives a swift kick in the CPU for the MacBook Air who’s heavyset design costs a more expensive £849.

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