Toshiba AT200 Tablet, 10.1″ and Super Light


Toshiba AT200 TabletThe Toshiba tribe have been at it again, building like otters to make available their appealing and streamlined AT200 multi-touch tablet. This tech comes sporting a ten inch display which packs a high definition punch of 1280 x 800 viewing pleasure.

Toshiba hopes it will steal the show with the Android operated system and very lightweight experience of just 558 grams which is sure to not bear heavily on the hands, even after hours of tablet use.

Here’s the sciency bit now, so for those who prefer to look at the pictures whilst checking the bank balance to ascertain whether actual purchase can be made, look away now.

There’s a useful micro-SD capability, Bluetooth connection, Wi-Fi feature and micro-USB slot all built into the AT200 and it also has a HDMI port of micro design giving streaming capabilities into your telly.

All that too is neatly bundled together with a camera on the front and back of the tablet (2 and 5 MP quality) and a thumping heartbeat given by the 1.2GHz processor that breathes 1GB RAM.

Phew, now if you’ve read that little lot and reached this point, by now you’re sure to be convinced that this thing is the bee’s knees. For the impossible-to-please though the tiny Toshiba also comes with ‘adaptive sound device enhancer’ capabilities. Whilst it sounds pretty posh, this supposedly gives larger speaker type sounds that are emitted from the tablet’s pair of little 1.5 watt speakers.

Bundled together with Toshiba’s standard applications, the AT200 is proposed to hit the European market during the last three months of 2011 with a yet to be affixed price.

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