Atari Arcade Duo Joystick for iPad


Atari Arcade Duo iPad JoystickThis is surely going to resurrect childhood memories for many who have enjoyed playing the Atari produced video games over the years. For those who have stood for hours on end plunging in ten pence pieces in the local cafe Atari space invaders machine, the Duo was designed with just you in mind!

The Atari Arcade Duo Joystick is a brand new offering from the innovative folks over at Atari in their latest bid to make iPad classic gaming just that little bit easier. It could also appeal more with a thriftier price than the current iCade $100 joystick designed for arcade use.

The Arcade Duo Joystick is pretty stunning to look at and within its simplicity of design it really packs a retro looking experience that cleverly puts the ‘feel’ back into iPad games. The reduced structure of the technology also gives it a cheaper price tag although Atari are staying a little tight lipped on this and as yet no news on exact price has been given.

The gadget will easily be able to hold iPads in place either in horizontal or vertical holds and will give an intuitive control of many games currently on offer and planned for future release. Hopefully, no more shouting at fiddly gaming controls then with the Duo as it hits the market at some point in the future.

This bit of kit is definitely something every serious gamer should want to get their sticky little mitts on!

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