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Summit HD Video Camera GogglesWhether you’re one of the elite champion skiers or enthusiastic amateur, there’s sure to be many who participate in this chilly pastime that try and make a family album movie clip of the spectacle.

Now, whether that’s filming an ungraceful plummet down a steep mountain whilst falling embarrassingly onto your backside or a bid to capture well rehearsed moves, delicately balancing a camera and skiing is more than a bit daft wouldn’t you say?

But, relax! Sliding in to solve these icy woes is the Summit HD Video Camera Goggles, priced at just under two hundred and fifty quid, boasting an included camera to take videos of HD quality. Quite a feat really we think and all conveniently housed in a sexy pair of goggles that don’t get foggy and can give vivid 720p definition of the highest quality.

Operate them easily by selecting the required mode whilst wearing the gadget firmly on the head and you’re really in the land of the future. Setting them on record everywhere you look will then be captured in video or even by static images of glorious 5 megapixel output.

Battery power is pretty good too and when fully charged up will supply about a couple of hours for each session, more than enough for the average snow lover. No windy noises here even if the ride really takes your breath away as the goggles hold an ingenious microphone which is resistant to wind interference, coupled with a posy lens of the widest angle that’s sure to satisfy.

Back safely in the warm, it’s a really simple matter to transfer the stored media from the gadget’s Micro SD card that provides up to 32GB space or watch the show straightaway using the in built USB feature.

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