Toshiba 55LZ2, Glasses-Free 3D TV


Toshiba 55LZ2Well ‘ello Tosh, you showing off with a new Toshiba yet again then?! Well, actually, yes it seems so as the triumphant team at Toshiba have yet prevailed in making available one big, super massive piece of screenware.

This TV is so large your whole street could join you to watch the next footy match from a mile down the road. So, are the chaps at Tosh just trying to discombobulate us with their massive offerings and does size actually matter with the 3D capable ZL2 telly that’s now available?

Let’s take a closer look at what’s going on here then – well, for starters the clever Toshiba family have provided a 55 inch television set that ingeniously houses a ‘lenticular lens’ capability. This means that a cluster of miniscule lenses can project the lighting emitted right at the spectators in front of the box, which also provides a 3D glasses-free experience with different images sent to each eye.

Other 3D tellies can’t do this, so one up to Toshiba here with their super resolution of 3,840 x 2,160 pixels, which far outstrips many other average models! Great, so far so good then, none of those annoying 3D specs to uncomfortably wear and glorious picture quality, things are hotting up nicely.

Pessimistic types though in this case are right – with large capabilities comes a super high price. Oh yes, raid all available piggy banks for this one as a Toshiba ZL2 is around 8000 Euros, that’s around $11000!

The bells and whistles don’t quite end there though as in this TV’s case, big brother is actually really watching you. The ZL2 intuitively makes adjustments to its lenslets by ‘watching’ faces and sending a maximum of nine angled 3D views via the use of an internal camera, no fixed directions here that’s for sure.

Also bundled with the technology is the capability to play from (or record to) any supplied USB drive and the 55-incher also has an iPhone app available. The telly displays intelligent qualities too as it also houses the skills to learn a viewer’s chosen habits by recognising facial structures of those who goggle in front of its magnificent presence.

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