Sony T1 eReader, Lightest e-reader on the Market


Sony T1 eReader

Poised to sink its fangs into the ever popular Kindle made available from the giant Amazon, Sony are now fighting back harder than ever with their new T1 eReader. Whilst it’s going to take some doing in attempting to usurp Amazon’s global kindle presence, Sony is no featherweight fighter in the field that’s for sure.

This curvy piece of kit demonstrates their ability to think thin, weighing in at just 168 grams. Think wafer like too here, as packed within its almost 9mm casing is an attractive set of controlling buttons and a curvy figure to die for.

Suitable to match even the most fashion conscious dressers, the PRS-T1 boasts a far from embarrassing red, cool white and moody black design and gives a touch of class that might even make you forget it’s actually a book reading gadget! Down to the grass roots we find a package that comes complete with stylus to use on the six inch screen that has touch capability, and for those who prefer the personal touch a finger operated method also works nicely (finger not included).

Users can make page comments on up to a maximum of around 1200 eBooks accommodated by the 2GB memory capacity, sure to satisfy the needs of most avid bookworms as they eat their way through the latest Harry Potter novel.

Worry ye not though, for the marathon reader who wishes to save everything available to mankind, then an additional space for a microSD 32GB card will satisfy we’re sure. Sony has packed their T1 gizmo with loads of features and even found room to slot in a handy little radio which uses WiFi that enables owners to acquire their needed book downloading directly from the Sony Reader Store.

Hailing back to times of the old fashioned library book, users can even borrow a book on a temporary basis from participating library services. Priced at around $150, Sony is set to sell in both Europe and the USA from October this year.

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