Glass Pool Table, the G-1 from Nottage Design


G-1 Glass Pool TableDon’t blink or you’ll miss the price of this Star Trek-esque piece of exceptionally modern technology. For some, run for the hills, it really is priced around thirty five grand! Not for the average wage earner, this seriously glossy piece of kit is pricy, but also packs a lot of balls within its package.

The G-1 Glass Pool Table is soon to hit the select living rooms and bars owned by billionaires, offering the solution to throw away boring old green felt and replace it with utmost clarity of mind which offers an identical playing experience to common pool tables. No sale or return offers here though as Nottage Design will only create them individually as orders are placed and paid for.

The G-1 has specifications to make even the least geek filled individual positively drool with excitement. The extremely thin but tough glass exterior, made of ‘monolithic float’ material, is just 15mm thick in a highly polished design and sits prettily in the super light framework.

Covering the glass is something which is termed as a ‘Vitrik’ playing surface which mimics the feel of a standard pool cloth and gives the player the ability to do everything expected from a normal game of pool.

Very secret stuff this and the patent protected technological methods used means the G-1 also produces nifty features where your balls are all visibly returned, with baffling boasts of BCA pocket specifications and bumpers of K-66 design.

Matching your existing decor is a breeze too, as different colours can be ordered to suit all kinds of tastes. Just make sure you don’t place your coffee on it or drop a soggy biscuit on the glass, as this surely isn’t just an expensive coffee table in disguise!

You can get your hands on one Here

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