Sharp i3board, LCD Interactive Touchscreen Display


Sharp i3boardPut your chalky dusters and squeaking blackboards away if you’re still using this antiquated piece of kit, as the new Sharp i3board, an electronic whiteboard of super dooper wizardry is now here. This means coughing up chalk dust is definitely a problem of yesteryear leading to the end of teachers throwing board dusters at unwary children’s heads.

The brainy team over at Sharp have now heralded the release of their PN-L702B (street name ‘Sharp i3board’) which is set to effortlessly deliver all the bells, whistles and gubbins any successful business or professor needs to perform blistering presentations. Don’t get too excited though just yet, as it seems only our Japanese cousins can enjoy the i3board from Sharp currently, which hopefully will soon be accessible worldwide.

Proudly showing seventy inches of display availability, the i3board is a pretty sharp number and will be promoted to educational establishments and business types primarily. It gives a nifty, interactive touch screen functionality which can also be operated via an included stylus device.

Notes and brain storming can easily be achieved by scribbling frantically on the board and for the budding Rolf Harris, sketches can also be recorded on the LCD, fully HD operational display. Scrolling and object resizing can easily be utilised through the use of gesture based movements and we’re definitely not talking obscene ones in this case!

Projecting onto this device by using traditional methods simply isn’t in order here as the i3board can easily be connected to any device offering required presentation input. Dig very deep into the back pocket for this one though as Sharp definitely haven’t blunted their price tag as on the go at just under ten thousand dollars when it hits the shelves in Japan.

Fear not though budget seekers, it will also be available in a smaller model of just ten inches narrower which gives a cheaper offering of $7000.

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