Pogoplug, Mobile Access to your Home Network Storage Wherever you are


Pogoplug MobileNothing misty on the horizon here from Cloud Engines, Inc, the esteemed inventors of the ‘Pogoplug’ series of gadgets. The sun shines ever through their inventive skies. More so too with the release of their latest arrival, the ‘Pogoplug Mobile’.

You could be forgiven for thinking this is some kind of high-tech kid’s pogostick, but actually the Pogoplug mobile has been innovatively designed to provide mobile technology with a method for creating a personalised cloud, within a useful ‘network storage’ kind of environment. Priced just under eighty dollars, the mobile pogoplug is a thriftier option than earlier lines and the non-mandatory software on offer too has a price tag of $29.

So what does it do in a nutshell? The Pogoplug mobile will effortlessly give a backing up facility to all kinds of media, including videos and images and save these to your network at home, also making these size optimised, so to share them it’s much quicker.

Avoiding the need for traditional ‘sync’ methods, the gizmo can be used via a nifty WiFi or 3G capability and it’s also possible to select which media is automatically returned to base and in what resulting formats. All available at a one off charge the Pogoplug offers a different solution to give you ultimate power over your own cloud without the need of footing a recurring bill for a managed service.

Touted by Cloud Engines to give the ultimate partnering to mobile gadgets, the mobile pogoplug is set to integrate with either Android or iOS through the use of supplied applications. The manufacturer is pretty popular with folks already who prefer to try and avoid the managed cloud services already on the market provided by the likes of Microsoft, Amazon, Apple or the mighty Google.

Build it yourself options have been offered via the previous pogoplug gadgetry supplied by Cloud Engines giving users an alternative solution that’s proven to be quite popular.

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