World’s Biggest Swing, Nevis Arc in New Zealand


The Worlds Highest Swing in Queenstown New ZealandThinking back to days long gone by and playing in the park or at home on the swing, most of us can recollect fond memories of muddy knees, falling off and picking up a sore graze and cut or two! The thrill of swinging higher and higher with as much momentum as we could muster our small bodies to power was always a fun adrenaline rush sure to wile away a few hours.

Now situated in New Zealand, the ‘Arc’ is open for thrill seekers who visit the area of Queenstown and this spectacle has been cleverly designed over a huge valley which allows for a massive and literally breathtaking drop of 230 feet.

That’s one big, glorious swing which is secured to a line that spans the entire expanse of the gaping valley below. Providing the opportunity for safely attached occupants with a sheer falling experience that covers a massive area, all at a 90mph speed. That’s accelerating faster than some family hatchbacks can reach!

Housing up to two people, the super swing is based on the simple and time honoured activity of many children who love to play, but for grown ups looking for a $150 ride of their adulthoods ($42 buys an observation platform seat), this record setting ride is surely a mandatory visit!

Watch out though, keep away from it if you’ve got a dodgy medical problem or wonky ticker and if you’re under ten years old, it’s definitely no go!

More Info on the Nevis Arc Swing

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