Desktop Phone for your iPhone, Invoxia NVX 610


Invoxia NVX 610 Desktop Phone for the iPhoneIn this day and age of wireless and hands-free technology with super gizmos and gadgets it can sometimes be quite refreshing to witness the new arrival of an innovative and useful ‘wired-up’ solution.

The brand spanking new NVX 610 from the guys over at Invoxia certainly hits the proverbial spot in this case. Designed to compliment your iPad and iPhone the NVX 610 desktop base is the new tech on the VoIP block and has been constructed to be operated via a seated iPad or iPhone snugly in place.

Gloriously simple really as Invoxia have provided a set up that includes muting option, volume controls operated by touch, phone speaker system and handy buttons to access voicemails.

Priced at just under $600 the NVX 610 gives crystal clear listening pleasure and the ability to easily and quickly include your Apple technology with 30 pin connecting sockets. A hybrid mix which would make even Bill Gates drool with anticipation! If you really must go hands-free, then OK, bluetooth is included for roaming customers and the iPad is fitted in using a traditional wired cabling.

An ARM Cortext-A8 processing heart capably handles the phone features effortlessly and voice calling is implemented via an external SIP service or through the ever popular Skype service. To receive iPhone callers, the NVX 610 speaker or handheld feature can be used, with VoIP taking care of all calls going out.

Guaranteed to not make you dizzy, an installed eight microphone ability which is complimented with eight speakers makes audio listening and receiving truly multi-directional and extremely effective.

As the Invoxia hardware accesses the iPhone or iPad’s current addressing and contact numbers listed, it’s a pretty simple method to allow lots of different users the ability to easily make their contacts quickly and practically accessible by just slotting in their apple technology.

If it’s not enough to simply just chat and conference call, then for some background music the desktop can even play your Apple’s tunes too by cleverly accessing the operating system!

More Info on the Invoxia NVX 610

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