WiFi Spy Camera for the iPad / iPhone, iZON Remote Room Monitor


The iZON Room Monitor for iPads & iPhonesIf you ever feel a little bit uneasy when you leave your home unattended for any length of time or perhaps you’d just like to monitor your pet’s activity during the day to satisfy your own curiosity, then there is a very neat bit of kit that can help you do just that.

Stem’s iZon Remote Room Monitor is designed to work with iPod, iPad or iPhone and can be used as a remote camera. The idea is that a small camera can be placed anywhere in the home (perhaps pointing at your secret choccie stash). It is then connected to the WiFi network and can be controlled elsewhere by the Apple device which has the free Stem:Connect app downloaded onto it.

Users can then open the app and apply it to see real-time video and listen to the happenings at home. There are other similar set-ups already available but not all of them can be operated as a security camera. This system can detect motion or sound and be set to trigger an alert on the iDevice which you will see instantly.

Another really neat feature is the ability to link a YouTube account to the iZON which is very handy for storing 30 second clips of any incidents that might be captured on camera. The app sets a limit of 5 minutes at each viewing which will help keep a lid on data usage. At $149.99 (£100) this could be a beneficial addition to any iOS fan’s portfolio.

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