Wacom Inkling Pen, Digitalise your Drawings


The Wacom Inkling Pen Good news for artists and doodlers everywhere! You can finally do away with those clumpy tablet or slates that are commonly paired to a pen device and just use plain old paper to create your works of art instead.

Anyone that has an interest in creating arty images that can be transferred to a digital format will be very familiar with using a hand held pen shaped device onto a flat digitising panel that connects to the computer and imports the images that have been drawn.

This has its limits but it has not been possible until now to produce a way of using just plain paper rather than previously expensive dot paper and a digital pen to do the same job but with greater flexibility.

Wacom has somehow managed to overcome the previous technical barriers to create the Inkling system. This still uses a pressure sensitive ballpoint pen, but instead of the expected slate, it uses a sensor that clips to the top of any piece of paper to read the motion and pressure of each pen stroke.

This is then converted to digital format which is transferrable very simply and speedily from the sensor via USB to a computer. Transferred images can then be manipulated as desired.

Whilst this does not replicate each pen stroke precisely as you would expect a regular pen to do, it is none the less pretty impressive.

The Wacom Inkling is likely to retail for about £150 when it goes on sale soon.

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