New York Times Developing a Table Reader


The New York Times Developing a Smart TableWhat’s this? Something from the Big Apple that can teach you what 7 x 8 is? No, of course not, this has got nothing at all to do with repetitious sums in class or getting the blackboard eraser thrown at you for getting them wrong but it has everything to do with a kitchen table.

Yes, that’s right, a real table. OK, this is technology we are talking about so how can the humble hub of the home have anything to do with modern life? Well, if the boffins at the New York Times have anything to do with it, we will, one day, be chopping up our trusty pine furniture and replacing it with a much more hi-tech piece of kit.

The New York Times has discovered that reading the daily news is not solely confined to that half an hour in the morning before we dash off out to catch the 07:45 or via a freebie on the way home. People are changing how they access the news and it is becoming increasingly common for them to check the latest headlines at regular intervals during the day.

Hence the idea of a kitchen table ‘reader’. This is akin to a big, interactive screen that a number of family members can use at any time to read the news, share stories and even comment on them.

At present this is only a working prototype version but it seems to have great potential as an interactive, family-friendly media tool. Check out the video.

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