iPhone Case, Gasket Brushed Aluminium from Id America


The iPhone Brushed Aluminium Gasket CaseIt is surprisingly difficult to find a case for your iPhone 4 that looks good, offers great protection and stands out from the crowd. There is a plethora of dull, uninspiring cases out there that really don’t do this outstanding phone any justice.

When you consider that so much care and attention to detail has been put into the design and manufacture of the iPhone, why would you want to sully it with a 99p ‘buy-it-now’ skin?

So, it was a very pleasant surprise to stumble across the Gasket Case from iD America. As the name suggests, this is a protective case that looks as if it has come straight out of an engine manufacturing lab. It looks stunning, with a brushed aluminium finish. There’s no need to worry about the potential for it to scratch your prized phone as you put it on or take it off as the inside is covered in a protective flock lining.Gasket Case

The design of this case has been well thought out; it is not just a good looker. It has been shaped so that all the phone’s controls are easily accessible, including the dock port so that there will usually be no need to remove it for charging.

The case fits nicely around the metal edge of the iPhone and it feels secure enough to withstand a fair few knocks or drops. The Gasket case comes in a number of smart colours that tie in nicely with the automotive theme and retails at about $30 (just under £20).

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