TV for the iPad, Elgato EyeTV


TV on the iPad Elgato Eye TVAnyone with an iDevice such as an iPhone, iPod or iPad will often bemoan the fact that they cannot easily get the main TV stations to play on their beloved gadget. In fact, many detractors of Apple products often cite the lack of playability in these devices as a real negative to even purchasing one in the first place.

So Apple fans rejoice, enter Elgato who aim to address this important issue by means of the Eye TV Mobile tuner. This is a Freeview digital television tuner akin to a dongle which is plugged into the iPad’s dock connecting port.

The Eye TV device itself is very small, so is easily carried about which means that the user can get TV on the move. The Eye TV uses a built-in antenna to receive the Freeview signal, which means that it is independent of any data usage or 3G connection.

The signal is then decoded by means of the free Eye TV app and the makers also claim that you will be able to pause and rewind TV as well as make recordings as it uses the iPad’s internal storage to enable these functions.

Currently this tiny tuner can only support MPEG-2 standard definition video. This means that HD is currently not playable which is a shame given that the iPad would suit HD beautifully although standard definition video is also very well suited to the iPad’s 4:3 ratio.

Elgato’s Eye TV will retail at $166 (£99.99) which makes this within reach of many iPad users.

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