Arriva LEO Extreme Sports Headphones, Water Resistant and Tough

| September 1, 2011 | Comments

Most people who partake in active pursuits will know the pitfalls of trying to occupy the mind whilst the body is doing its thing, so it seems natural that playing music is an obvious choice to help you go the distance.

However, as most music-loving sporty types will have discovered, it isn’t that easy to keep yourself plugged into your favourite tunes, especially if you are throwing yourself about at the same time. Headphones are cumbersome, ear buds often fall out and even those that have been designed to stay in place are largely not up to dealing with any more than a light jog about the park.

The Arriva LEO headphones are therefore a welcome relief from all the usual niggles. This is a headset that operates using Bluetooth to connect wirelessly to your music-playing device.

It is made from sturdy materials that are designed to tolerate moisture and its flexible nature also means that it is able to cope with more than a few knocks and bumps. The earphones are formed to sit comfortably in the ear without falling out.

Controlling your sounds is simple too. There is no need to fiddle with your MP3 player as all the controls are built into a panel at the back of the headset which is accessible even if you are wearing a helmet or hat.

Charging for 11 hours via USB gives a decent 7 hours music playtime and at about $60 (£35) these seem like a great choice for active souls.