Makerbot Thing-O-Matic 3D Printer, Bring Objects to Life


Thing-O-Matic 3D PrinterEveryone is familiar with a printer. It has become a basic staple in the home computer user’s home. Not that long ago, printers were very much a luxury, well out of the reach of mere mortals.

So, what are the chances of a 3D printer becoming as common as a TV in the home? Well, if the manufacturers of the Thing-o-Matic have anything to do with it, they could become commonplace very soon.

The Makerbot Thing-o-Matic is a 3D printer, but don’t expect to find an A4 paper tray supplied with it. It uses bespoke composite plastic material to produce three dimensional figures that you can pick up and hold, play with manipulate…anything you wish: it’s 3D!

The Thing-o-Matic is connected to your PC via USB and it uses images to produce anything that is within the dimensions of 6’’x6’’x7’’.

It creates items that are very much on the smaller end of the scale, but none the less impressive. Just think of the number of ornaments and adornments you could make!

The actual construction has been very well thought out considering that it will mainly be aimed at the domestic craft market. The cabinet of the printer comes in a cool, almost ‘Looney Toons’ type customisation and, we are told, that it lights up in a pretty colour when it is functioning.

Coming in at a reasonable $1299 (£790) for this type of technology and $10 (£6) per pound (weight) of composite, this could actually be the start of a beautiful modelling career.

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