gScreen SpaceBook Laptop with two Screens, Double the Fun


The gScreen SpaceBook LaptopDo you find yourself surrounded by all manner of screens just to keep up with everything? It seems to be an increasingly modern phenomenon that we are doing our daily work on one screen, yet have our smartphone screen also open to keep up with messages and emails, and perhaps a tablet in the background which is loaded with other information to save switching between lots of tabs.

Some people even have multiple screens attached to a PC unit so that they can deal with several tasks at once. It therefore seems incredible that nobody has already thought up the idea of having two monitors popping up from a laptop.

The SpaceBook addresses all these issues with not one but two screens that are housed in a laptop design machine. It aims to give users much greater flexibility especially if they are dealing with large spreadsheets, edit a lot of photos or videos or simply need to carry out lots of tasks.

This whopper features two 17.3-inch HD LED-backlit screens (1920 x 1080) that slide out from the middle of the machine. It is available in a matte or glossy finish, with a quad-core i7 740QM at 1.73GHz processor and 8 GB of RAM. Other features include WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, 3 x USB ports, HDMI, Firewire and a memory card slot. It comes loaded with Windows 7 software.

At present, the SpaceBook is only available in the USA and Canada and attracts a considerable $1899 – $2099 price tag, depending on specification.

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