GM’s EN-V, Let the Car Drive


The GM's EN-VIf you are a reluctant driver and find yourself constantly pondering if there is a better way, then take a look at the latest concept in urban vehicles from General Motors.

The EN-V (Electric Networked Vehicle) is being mooted as the potential solution to all our urban driving issues as well as the associated environmental concerns. This is a small, two-seater car that runs on a rechargeable lithium-ion battery. It can run for about 25 miles on a full charge and has a top speed of 25 mph. If you think it looks like a Segway in a massive diver’s helmet, then you won’t be surprised to discover that this design did indeed evolve from a prototype by them.

The main ethos behind the EN-V is to address all the usual driver concerns such as costs of motoring, parking, and stress as well as satisfying environmental considerations such as reducing air pollution, increasing energy efficiency and alleviating congestion. The car itself has been designed to look futuristic and fun as well as being practical.

The EN-V asks the question ‘automatic or manual?’ However, it’s not the gearbox it is referring to, but the driver.

Yes, this little vehicle can even take the hassle of driving from you as it can be set to automatic functions that means you don’t have to bother, which is ideal if you are too tired from a hard night out. It has built in GPS and collision sensors too which should also lower the accident rate.

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