Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker, there’s always room for Improvement


The Fitbit Wireless Activity TrackerThe pedometer. Most of the time the thing just drops off or it doesn’t even count all those steps that you have made an effort to do. That is, even if you have managed to calibrate the thing in the first place, of course.

The Fitbit Wireless Activity Tracker could be the solution to all those common pedometer woes as well as improving on the usual function of that basic, yet essential piece of fitness equipment.

The Fitbit looks like a sort of big plastic clip, and in one sense it is one, since it is designed to be attached to a waistband. However, this is not just any old clip; it is a very sophisticated piece of tech that makes full use of all mod-cons to give a measure of your fitness and levels of activity each day.

The Fitbit works in conjunction with software that is loaded onto your PC, Mac or smartphone and data can be transferred wirelessly to the Fitbit website. It needs no calibrating as it uses a 3D motion sensor to determine the number of steps taken with about 95 – 97% accuracy.

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The Fitbit has a neat display that shows calories, steps and distance in a clear format. You can also input your food intake during the day via the website. If you wish to record your sleep activity, you can also do this by using the wristband that is included. All in all, this is a nifty gadget if you are into health and fitness.

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