Subtitle Glasses for the Deaf, from Sony


Subtitle Glasses for the Deaf by SonyTaking a trip to the cinema is a little treat that so many of us take for granted. We can take our pick of any of the screenings of all the blockbuster movies or alternatively we can head to a more select cinema for one of the lesser known cult movies.

Either way, most people do not have to give a second thought about what showing to opt for are there are plenty to choose from. For a deaf person, or someone who has problems with their hearing, popping out to the cinema is not as straightforward.

Surprisingly few cinemas make the effort to cater for the deaf and when they do, they tend to have screenings at less popular times.

It would be a very rare occurrence for a deaf person to be able to enjoy a subtitled film on a very popular night of the week which more or less excludes them from the mainstream. It is therefore great news that Sony has announced their intention to develop glasses that function as a subtitle machine.

They will work along the same lines as a pair of 3-D glasses in that the cinema will hand them out and collect them back each time. The viewer will see the subtitles appear to be really on the film, making for an almost normal viewing experience.

So far, tests are going very well and the glasses are expected to be trialled on real-life audiences in the UK within the coming year.

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