Oliver VTOL Plane, Sporting Six Engines


The Six-engine Oliver VTOL PlaneIs it a bird? Is it a plane? Well actually, yes, the Oliver VTOL (vertical take-off and landing) is most definitely a plane.

However, this is not just your usual plane, this one has not two but six engines and three wings and it is being mooted as Oliver’s latest concept in aircraft. This futuristic idea uses vertical take-off technology along with other brand new innovations that aim to make the aircraft fly faster and further, yet be far safer.

Traditional aircraft use at least 2 engines which leaves them somewhat exposed to malfunctions and danger. If one engine fails on a normal plane, it can spell serious problems or even disaster. In an aircraft with three wings and a six ‘swivelable’ pod engine system, risk is greatly reduced as it becomes much more stable and likely to survive any catastrophe.

It is hoped that the concept could become a reality within the next two years, with the military likely to be interested in using this VTOL for lifting cargo.

In the future it could theoretically replace the much favoured helicopter as the transport mode of choice for the rich and famous as it would cost less to fuel as well as be very useful for quick flights.

However, there are some voices of dissent to this prototype. Opponents state that six engines will cost far more in maintenance than it would save in fuel economy, so only time will tell if this one will ever get off the ground.

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