Nikon S1200pj, Project Movies and Photos from your iDevice

| August 30, 2011 | Comments

In order to catch the eye of the female of the species, Nikon has made a bold decision to clad its compact, entry level projection camera in a hot pink colour. They are taking a punt that this colour, teamed with a contoured, curved form will be far more appealing to a younger client base as well as females of all ages.

Thankfully, they have also given the option of black and white versions for those of us who would rather stick to more muted colours.

Moving along, the S1200pj provides a decent 14 megapixels and 5x optical zoom. This is a slim compact camera model which is easily navigated via the 3 inch screen and it has a dedicated video capture button for added simplicity.
One thing that sets this camera apart from others in its class is that it includes a projector function.

The projector itself is very effective when used on a flat surface and the images are considerably brighter and punchier than in the camera’s previous incarnations.

Images from an iDevice such as an iPod or iPhone can also be projected which is a nice touch, but a suitable cable would need to be purchased separately for this. Nonetheless, the S1200pj makes for a very sociable and fun way of sharing images and videos.

The only real issue with this camera is the price point. At $430 (£399), it seems vastly overpriced for what is effectively a basic camera, all be it one with a fair amount of tech on it.